Time To Take Pictures

My little project for this weekend was taking pictures of my watch. This watch has been out of commission for a year because of a dead battery.  I may want to do this project again. Call this phase one of a learning process.

The writing process in describing this is even worse than this project. Maybe I should get my brother to write this stuff. I have been looking at ads for fancy expensive watches for a number of years now and use those for inspiration. So far, I haven't matched those, but will continue trying. I have been experimenting with light positioning, speeds, f-stops lenses etc.

Making Ordinary Extraordinary!

This is a photo of an address plate. I thought the patina on it was interesting. The site of an address plate wasn't interesting, even this number doesn't have much meaning, as far as I know. I won't say what city or street this address is on, but I am sure it means a lot to the people that live at this address. To some, it may be that address that they call their childhood home and carries fond memories. 

The picture below is of a house I photographed in Detroit. These are door bells with speaking tubes above each door bell. This isn't so ordinary, but both pictures represent the entrance to a home. The memories made behind these walls...

Greenfield Village

Last weekend I went with a few photographer friends to Greenfield Village.  They have been begging me to post my pics, but hey, perfection takes time. This trip for me was to be more artistic than photographic. It was a fun time hanging out with friends while getting to practice my craft.

Check out some black and white and tilt shift work applied to these photos.

If you are interested in purchasing any of these, please contact me through this site.