Colon Michigan and a Covered Bridge

You can't just pass through Colon, Michigan, the Magic Capital of the universe. My grandmother Damon grew up in this small little town. On a recent trip through town, I stopped to photograph this spill way. Not very impressive, I know, but this thing was what I remember as a major waterfall when I was a kid.

After rolling through Colon, I happened across this covered Bridge, the Langley Covered Bridge.  This bridge is the longest covered bridge in the  state of Michigan that spans the St. Joseph River. It was constructed in 1887.

Greenfield Village

Last weekend I went with a few photographer friends to Greenfield Village.  They have been begging me to post my pics, but hey, perfection takes time. This trip for me was to be more artistic than photographic. It was a fun time hanging out with friends while getting to practice my craft.

Check out some black and white and tilt shift work applied to these photos.

If you are interested in purchasing any of these, please contact me through this site.