Able Men

My friend and Pastor of Bridge Baptist Church in Clinton, Michigan tasked me with creating promotional material for an upcoming Men’s retreat that our church will be hosting. He did a great job at communicating what the conference theme was to be.

Below are a postcard and video that I created for the event. The logo of the church in the circle was created using Adobe Illustrator and the entire layout was done in Adobe Indesign. The video audio was created in Adobe Audition. I set it up in my kitchen and went through several different read-throughs. Still didn’t quite nail it, but this was the best one with a couple of edits and digital splicing done.

The video was in Adobe Premier and After Effects. I am new to the video editing world and plan on expanding that. The background is a photo of my jeans which was edited in Adobe Camera Raw. All in all, 6 different applications to create and what fun it was. Thanks South Side Baptist Tabernacle and Ron Kramarczyk for allowing me to do this.


Globe Life Park In Arlington

The first week in August, we took a trip to Texas to visit my wife’s family. As a compromise, we planned the trip around the time when the Detroit Tigers were playing the Texas Rangers. I know, the Tigers are having a bad year, but I always been a fan. I am also a fan of the Ballpark in Texas. I have built a scale model of the ballpark and have a lithograph painting of the ballpark that we purchased back in 1994 the year the ballpark opened. We went this year because the Rangers and the city of Arlington, Texas have decided that they need a new ballpark. By the way, I am opposed to this, but I don’t live there and they didn’t ask my opinion.

We got into Arlington the night before the game we were planning on attending. Our hotel was just across the lake form the ballpark, so I took the quiet evening to take these long exposure HDR photos of what I have always called, “The Ballpark in Arlington.”

Thompsonville Michigan Fall Colors

Earlier this week I had a job in Thompsonville, Michigan, up near Sleeping Bear National Lakeshore. I was driving up the road when around the bend this mountain of fall color appeared. I love how the field of grass, evergreen trees and burst of color rising above it.

Pictured Rocks

In July my wife and I celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary. Part of that trip included a trip to Pictured Rocks National Park in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. There are many other attractions other than the cliffs overlooking Lake Superior, but in today’s blog, I will just include photos of the cliffs.

I love photography and love to try to create pictures that capture what I saw. Of course God’s creation is far superior than what I can capture in an image. This is my humble attempt to manipulate the light and capture what my memory thinks it saw.

Land of Cleves Part 3

A few more photos taken from our trip to Cleveland back in August. These photos show a railroad bridge on a towpath trail, Brandywine Falls in Cuyahoga National Park, and ivy growing up a wall in downtown Akron, OH.

Land of Cleves Part 2

After going to Edgewater Park in Cleveland, we went hunting a freighter on the Cuyahoga River in downtown Cleveland.

The Land of Cleves - Edgewater Park

Last weekend, my son and I took a trip to Cleveland to make some photographs with my friend David laurence. His web site and even some images from this same adventure are located at this site There will be more posts to follow, but for now, here are some pics taken at Edgewater Park In Cleveland.

Jesus is the Light of the World

This is an experiment that I decided to try this morning. This is the first attempt. It involved taking a picture of the light bulb and then it involved post production in Photoshop. After starting the project, I realized to do it right, I would have to buy a few objects and even do some minor construction. It would have been cheaper to purchase a photo of a light bulb. However, I learned some technical things and loved the challenge of making due with what  I could find. By the way, light bulbs are hard to clean!

Note the message in the filament, Jesus is the light of the world. Jesus refers to himself in many ways, one of them is as the light of the world. The depth of this statement goes beyond what I can put on this page, but in a darkened world, even one that doesn't know it's in darkness, needs Jesus.

While shooting light bulbs, I have this one as well. David brought this one for a light project he did. You can see the filament reflecting on the back side of the glass which makes it difficult to see the detail. The spiral is the filament on this bulb.