Pictured Rocks

In July my wife and I celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary. Part of that trip included a trip to Pictured Rocks National Park in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. There are many other attractions other than the cliffs overlooking Lake Superior, but in today’s blog, I will just include photos of the cliffs.

I love photography and love to try to create pictures that capture what I saw. Of course God’s creation is far superior than what I can capture in an image. This is my humble attempt to manipulate the light and capture what my memory thinks it saw.

Colon Michigan and a Covered Bridge

You can't just pass through Colon, Michigan, the Magic Capital of the universe. My grandmother Damon grew up in this small little town. On a recent trip through town, I stopped to photograph this spill way. Not very impressive, I know, but this thing was what I remember as a major waterfall when I was a kid.

After rolling through Colon, I happened across this covered Bridge, the Langley Covered Bridge.  This bridge is the longest covered bridge in the  state of Michigan that spans the St. Joseph River. It was constructed in 1887.

Fall In Michigan

I will probably have a number of post regarding Autumn in the state of Michigan. I have a few pictures that I took last year, so I guess this is a good excuse to post them. Hey, anything to draw attention to my web site!

Anyway, Fall color is a common subject among photographers, I am not sure if I bring anything unique to the table with this. However, I try my best to work on composition and technical aspects rather than just pointing the camera at a bunch of beautiful color. Here are a few pics, hopefully more to come as this season develops.