Able Men

My friend and Pastor of Bridge Baptist Church in Clinton, Michigan tasked me with creating promotional material for an upcoming Men’s retreat that our church will be hosting. He did a great job at communicating what the conference theme was to be.

Below are a postcard and video that I created for the event. The logo of the church in the circle was created using Adobe Illustrator and the entire layout was done in Adobe Indesign. The video audio was created in Adobe Audition. I set it up in my kitchen and went through several different read-throughs. Still didn’t quite nail it, but this was the best one with a couple of edits and digital splicing done.

The video was in Adobe Premier and After Effects. I am new to the video editing world and plan on expanding that. The background is a photo of my jeans which was edited in Adobe Camera Raw. All in all, 6 different applications to create and what fun it was. Thanks South Side Baptist Tabernacle and Ron Kramarczyk for allowing me to do this.