Globe Life Park In Arlington

The first week in August, we took a trip to Texas to visit my wife’s family. As a compromise, we planned the trip around the time when the Detroit Tigers were playing the Texas Rangers. I know, the Tigers are having a bad year, but I always been a fan. I am also a fan of the Ballpark in Texas. I have built a scale model of the ballpark and have a lithograph painting of the ballpark that we purchased back in 1994 the year the ballpark opened. We went this year because the Rangers and the city of Arlington, Texas have decided that they need a new ballpark. By the way, I am opposed to this, but I don’t live there and they didn’t ask my opinion.

We got into Arlington the night before the game we were planning on attending. Our hotel was just across the lake form the ballpark, so I took the quiet evening to take these long exposure HDR photos of what I have always called, “The Ballpark in Arlington.”