Jesus is the Light of the World

This is an experiment that I decided to try this morning. This is the first attempt. It involved taking a picture of the light bulb and then it involved post production in Photoshop. After starting the project, I realized to do it right, I would have to buy a few objects and even do some minor construction. It would have been cheaper to purchase a photo of a light bulb. However, I learned some technical things and loved the challenge of making due with what  I could find. By the way, light bulbs are hard to clean!

Note the message in the filament, Jesus is the light of the world. Jesus refers to himself in many ways, one of them is as the light of the world. The depth of this statement goes beyond what I can put on this page, but in a darkened world, even one that doesn't know it's in darkness, needs Jesus.

While shooting light bulbs, I have this one as well. David brought this one for a light project he did. You can see the filament reflecting on the back side of the glass which makes it difficult to see the detail. The spiral is the filament on this bulb.