Time For A New Web Site

For many years I have been a designer of websites, until the world of programming passed me by. I have found that I like creating and designing things. Photography and print graphics allow me to do this. I started out in the print industry back in 1996 and getting back to those roots.

At one time, I thought I would open a business that specialized in creating bulletins and bulletin covers for churches. I also did newsletters and resume layouts. Later I worked for a small Christian publishing company doing book layout and cover design. This later developed into the creation of JPL Design Group creating web sites. 

With the advent of mobile and apps, the web space has left me behind. However, I still feel that I have an eye for design and still want a presence in this field. Currently my wife and I own InsPictures which takes pictures of houses and commercial buildings for Insurance Companies. This allows me to travel all over the state of Michigan. Every once in a while, I like to stop and actually make a picture instead of take a picture. This site will feature many of those pictures that I made.